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"Girish has a vast knowledge in the subject of Yoga. A few Yoga sessions with him have made me more flexible than I ever felt before. At the end of a session, I feel more energized rather than being tired. I highly recommend yoga sessions with Girish no matter what your fitness level may be."
- Maureen

"If you are looking for a yoga teacher that knows what he is doing, Girish is the right person. His classes are mind and soul blowing, with particular focus on stretching and diversity of exercises. Great opportunity to learn how to acquire balanced breathing and posture, that carries to the rest of the day. Totally "recommend!"
-  Dr. Antonio Currais, PhD

"I have enjoyed Girish's yoga classes. I feel wonderful and relaxed after his practice. He is a great instructor and an interesting person. “
- Suzy

"Girish teaches not only the practice of yoga poses but also the profound meanings behind the practice. He understands everyone's capabilities and limits and makes sure that we experience and understand yoga. Everyone looks for different things in practicing Yoga, but Girish makes me appreciate the attention and awareness within poses. I always feel more invigorated and relaxed after his classes! “
- Dr. Nasun Hah, PhD

"I am grateful to this wise, patient and gentle Yogi. He has taught me that amid my often chaotic life it is possible to focus, to see more clearly and feel calmer. He has taught me it is possible to be physically stronger and more flexible and to practice with greater self-awareness. I have much more to learn but fortunately I have a very skilled and knowledge teacher with a deep sense of life's wonders.“
- Abhishek