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Welcome to Yoga 4 Healthy Living

Meaning of the word YOGA

YOGA has its verbal root as YUJ in Sanskrit. Yuj means to join. YUJYATE  ANENA  ITI  YOGAH.

Yoga is that which joins. What are the entities that are joined? In the traditional terminology, it is joining of individual SELF with Universal SELF. It is an expansion of the narrow constricted egoistic personality to an all pervasive, eternal, and blissful state of REALITY. According to Patanjali, "YOGA IS A CONSCIOUS PROCESS OF GAINING MASTERY OVER THE MIND".

Yoga is not just a physical exercise. It is just one part of it. But, then comes the breath and the mind. Tapping the inner source of energy is important. Yoga is never complete without meditation. Kriya takes you to the deepest meditation where body, mind and breath comes in the rhythm connecting to the source of life deep within.


  • A science of holistic living.
  • A technique to calm the mind.
  • State of equanimity & harmony.
  • A conscious process of home coming.

Update (9/27/2015)

We successfully conducted complimentary classes at the Club, Torrey Pines past two weekends and got a good response. Please check this space for information on future classes or contact us directly.